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Maanaadu Release date – SJ Surya has revealed on his Twitter!



The Maanaadu film will be released on November 25 as Diwali. SJ Surya has said. Maanaadu film is now a hot topic on the screen. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the film’s release. Venkat Prabhu has directed the Maanaadu film starring Simbu. The film stars a huge star cast. S. J. Surya comes in the lead role. Produced by Suresh Kamatchi. The film has originally scheduled to release for Diwali. But theatres are not available to screen the film for Diwali. As most of the theatres have been booked to screen Rajinikanth’s Annaatthe film, there are not enough theatres available for the Maanaadu film. Thus, Simbu’s father T. Rajender, and mother Usha are boiled over. Both have been accused of plotting against our son. T. Rajender had angrily said that there is a Katta panchayat in the film industry.

Maanaadu Release date

Maanaadu Release date:

In this case, the film is coming to the screen on November 25. This has disappointed Simbu fans. The affair continues to be hot. In this case, S.J. Surya has left a tweet. In it, I completed the three-quarters part in 5 days as I needed 8 days for the dubbing for my relevant scenes in the Maanaadu film. Nadi, Narambu, Neck, back, spine, throat, everything has packed. I beg you to rest for the next 10 days (heavy work, after the pain). But after watching the film output, I can only say one thing for sure, My Diwali will be on November 25. “Said SJ Surya. SJ Surya has given consolation to Simbu fans that Diwali is the day when the film will come if it is not possible to come on Diwali. Simbu fans are also responding enthusiastically that the film will come.

Maanadu Release date

This tweet by SJ Surya has overwhelmed the fans of Simbu. There is already a doc that the film has come to a different level. In order to confirm it, The information released by Surya is expected to further enthrall the fans. Premji Amaran, Simbu’s friend and brother of director Venkat Prabhu, who played the lead role in the film, welcomed the tweet with a round of applause. Meanwhile, Surya’s Twitter page has been buzzing as cinema fans have jumped on the bandwagon to celebrate Diwali once with Rajinikanth’s Annaatthe and celebrate the 2nd Diwali on the 25th.

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