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Maalavika got engaged – Her picture goes viral on social media!



Over the last few days, information about the marriage of Super Singer Maalavika has become a hot topic on the internet. Let’s see what the reason is. Despite the reality shows on Vijay TV, the popularity of the Super Singer show is astounding. Priyanka, who was the anchor in this, is now mixing in the Big Boss. Many of the contestants who attended the event were at the peak of their huge popularity. Many have also made it to the list of best singers on the silver screen. There are so many people who are famous for this show. In that sense, Maalvika Sundar became a world-renowned singer through her Super Singer show. Maalavika’s voice is heard not only in Tamil but also in Hindi. Super Singer Maalavika got engaged.

Maalavika got engaged

She has attracted fans by singing songs in many countries. From time to time, Maalvika will post a video of the song she sang and some photos of her on her social media page. While she was singing in Super Singer, she had the support of Tamil Nadu fans. She has also received various accolades for her musical talent on the show Indian Idol. Maalavika, has is the owner of many such successes, will be getting married soon. She is now 33 years old. But the person she is going to marry is 32. She Herself has posted this on her Instagram. Maalavika also mentioned the news of her recent engagement. Thus, the talk about her has increased on social media. The photo she gave lip-to-lip with her fiancé is also a reason for this controversy.

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