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Love Story Success – Black Market started in AP for the Movie!



It is known that `Love Story` starring Naga Chaitanya and Saipallavi was released on the 24th of this month and got a good talk. The audience was stunned by the film. With this, the movie reached the 50-crore club in four days. Gained huge shares from all areas. Gulab also pushed the storm aside and shook the box office. There was no other film to compete with Love Story and it rained cassava. Shekhar Kammula Mark shined as the film. Naga Chaitanya and also Sai Pallavi took the craze movie to the peaks. However, the information that the film did not fare well on the fifth day.

Naga Chaitanya
Love Story Success

Love Story Success:

On the fifth day, the information that AP-Telangana brought in unsolicited collections. `Republic` starring Saitej will also be released this Friday. If the film gets a positive talk, it may have some impact on the Love Story collection. Directed by `Prasthanam` director Devakatta, the film was well-received by Pawan Kalyan at the pre-release event. Also, that kind of movie went well into the crowd. However, the commercial elements of Devakatta ‘s films are far away. What happens after any release? That is not clear.

Sai Pallavi
Love Story Success

In some parts of the AP, theatre owners are debating whether to sell Rs 70 tickets on the block. Here the audience is told that each ticket is sold on the block for between 200 and 500. In some other areas, it is sold at a higher rate. On the first day, the black market took place in Business O Range. Most theatres then put up house full boards without spot sales. This means that tickets are already being sold at the rate they want and the tickets are being put in the hands of black bubbles who are not selling to the audience as you like. It is learned that the riots continued for four days. Meanwhile, the heat of the Pawan ministers started. Witnesses say ticket sales took place directly at theatres.

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