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Kodiyil Oruvan Trailer released – Movie releasing this April!



Ananda Krishnan directed Vijay Antony Aathmika starrer ‘Kodiyil Oruvan’. The film is releasing after the completion of filming. In this situation, Actor Sivakarthikeyan has recently posted the Kodiyil Oruvan trailer of the film on his social media site. It is to be that the story of this film is about the struggle between rowdies and politicians and hero Vijay Antony. The trailer of the film tells the story of the problems faced by Vijay Antony. Also, as a teacher who fights against rowdies and politicians who are blocking the progress of a very badly backward area and becomes a teacher who teaches lessons to the boys in that area.

The scene where Vijay Antony speaks angrily as he comes to the politicians after Winning and knows what they will do to this society. The villains’ challenging scene against Vijay Antony and the fact that I will change our state like Singapore, Kutty Japan and made this country a worst. In the end, he says all are fraud politicians. This will be a perfect film at election time. Overall, the film is full of action scenes by Vijay Antony and is expected to captivate the fans. It is worth mentioning that all the features including the background music by Nivas K Prasanna. The stunning cinematography by Udayakumar and the editing by Vijay Antony are excellent. The film is producing by Chendur Films International.

Kodiyil Oruvan Movie poster

Kodiyil Oruvan Trailer released:

The close to three-minute trailer gives a glimpse of all the action that can be expected in the film but gives away nothing much in terms of the story apart from revealing it talks a lot about politics. The release date of the film will be announcing soon by the movie team. In this situation, Vijay Antony is also proud to be the first actor to reduce his salary in the interest of the producers in Lockdown. The actor has announced due to Corona last year. Vijay Antony has Pichaikaran 2 movie in his possession. They are shooting the second part of the hit movie Pichaikaran which was released in 2016. The film has a plan to made in Tamil and Telugu, directed by Priya Krishnasamy. It has recently announced that director Ananda Krishnan will direct the film.

For Latest News related to South Indian Film Industry, keep a tab on this page.

For Latest News related to South Indian Film Industry, keep a tab on this page.

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