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Kalidas Replacing Ashwin – Out of 3 it’s now 2 films for Ashwin!



It was said that Cooku with Comali Fame Ashwin will play the hero in the third film directed by Udayanithi Stalin’s wife Krithika. In this situation, Kalidas Jayaram has got that opportunity instead of Ashwin. Ashwin, who became famous through the show Cooku with Comali, is now a hero. He will make his debut as a hero in Kollywood with a film being produced by Trident Arts. The film also stars Pughal Cooku with Comali fame. Ashwin has signed a three-film deal with Trident Arts. Fans who have seen Ashwin get three film opportunities in the shoot; say he is so lucky and talented.

Ashwin with Pughal

Kalidas Replacing Ashwin:

It has reported that Ashwin is going to play the hero in the love story movie directing by Krithika Udayanithi. Later, it has revealed that Ashwin is not acting in Krithika’s film. The hero of the film is not Ashwin but Kalidas Jayaram, the son of famous actor Jayaram. Krithika made her directorial debut in Kollywood with the film Vanakkam Chennai with Siva. He took the first picture differently and received praise from the fans. After that, she directed Kali with Vijay Antony as Hero. The film did not run as expected. In this situation, Krithika is preparing to direct a film again.

Kalidas Jayaram

Kalidas Jayaram is yet to get a break despite his good acting skills. It is hoped that he will get a new identity through Krithika’s film. The film, which will be directed by Krithika, was not produced by her husband Udayanithi. Meanwhile, Udayanithi Stalin, who contested the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections for the first time, has won this Election. The Kollywood people are happy that someone from the film industry has won. Many have met and congratulated Udayanithi Stalin in person. It is noteworthy that Kalidas also went with his father and greeted Stalin and Udayanidhi.

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