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Jyothika about OTT – 2D entertainments continues OTT releases!



Not to mention the star couple Suriya – the craze for Jyothika – fan following in the audience. The couple, who acted together in real life, got married in love and became a real-life couple. After marriage, Jyothika is far away from movies. In the second innings, Satta is doing Lady Oriented movies. Home Banner 2D Entertainments, on the other hand, is also in charge. Suriya – Jyothika co-produced the Jai Bhim movie. Jyothika explained some interesting things during the release of Amazon Prime OTT. Talking about releasing movies in OTT. ” There are some movies that you have to watch in theatres. There are some stories that are told beyond the big screen. Such ones can be found in OTT.

Jyothika about OTT

Here is Jyothika about OTT. OTT Platforms – Theatres have become one-sided. Fifteen movies are now being made under our banner. Some of them have stories that are suitable for theatres and some for OTTs,” said Jyothika. Suriya and I are very transparent about stories. We will discuss more them. Nothing convinces the theme so easily. I’ll see if the story is new or not. Most likely everyone will vote for me in the final. If there is something new in the story we do not actually care where the makers are. If there is something new in the story, we will do it right away. Giving a good treatment to real events can become a subject that will impress the masses. My recent film ‘Udanpirappe’ is also based on a real incident, “Jyothika explained.

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