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Jai Bhim Review – Yet another good plot from the actor!



Surya surprised everyone by releasing his film ‘Soorarai Pottru’ through Amazon Prime last year. The release of such a film in OTT, which is likely to get a fantastic response if it is released in theatres, has left fans a bit disappointed. But now Surya has also launched his new film ‘Jai Bhim’. The movie, which looked like a hard-hitting movie when viewed in the trailer, was pushed to the audience by Prime today. Let’s see what makes it special.


Rajanna (Manikandan) was a tribal man who believed in his hardships. He is being held by police in a theft case for a crime he did not commit while working hard and raising his wife Biddle. Two others of his relatives were later implicated in the case. The trio, who was tortured at the hands of the police, disappear from the police station. Parvati (Lijo Mol Jose), the helpless wife of the king, tries desperately to find her husband and eventually turns to Chandra (Surya), who is arguing for free human rights cases for the underprivileged in the High Court. What are the hurdles and obstacles faced by Surya who took up this case? Rajanna what happened to the other two? Whether or not justice is finally done to the victims is the rest of the story. Watch Jai Bhim here.

Jai Bhim
Jai Bhim Review

Jai Bhim Review:

What about the sun? After the movie, he feels like saluting. With such intensity. with sincerity, it is possible for very few people to play such roles. In addition to Surya’s great performance. the good image he has personally .. the role of the moon has also grown more due to social responsibility. Surya’s performance went on as if one could not imagine anyone other than him in this role. The way he expresses pain with his eyes in some scenes. Surya shows how special the actor is. The most impressive movie after Surya, Lizo Mol Jose moves the audience. Does a Google search for the girl and see what she sees in the movie? She performed a fantastic performance as a poor tribal young woman who cries out for a husband who is strong for a crime she has not committed.

The award-winning performance is his. Rijisha Vijayan also did well. Rao Ramesh said that he specializes in short scenes. In the court scenes, Surya acted as Ditu. What’s new about Prakash Raj? It’s a different character to the stereotypical characters he always does. If not, it would be disappointing to hear someone else dubbing Prakash Raj in such a good film. The rest of the cast also did well.

Jai Bhim Review

Technical Part:

Jai Bhim’s are technically well-rounded. Sean Roldan’s background music is a big plus for the film. RR plays a key role in making the audience feel the emotions in the scenes. In some places, the background score moves the audience. Sean Roldan songs are okay. Kadir Photography is good. In cinemas, however, the cinematography went on to become more connected. Surya also expressed his interest as a producer. He provided everything needed for the film without compromise. Congratulations to him for standing up for such a story. Gnanavel made a strong impression as a director. It is not for everyone to choose a story like this and screen it so honestly. He led the courtroom drama with an armored screenplay. No matter how real the story is. one cannot help but appreciate the talent of the director in telling it in such an interesting way. Watch Jai Bhim here.

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