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Jai Bhim Issue – Director himself kept a Full stop for the issue!



The courtroom drama Jai ​​Bhim starring Kollywood star hero Suriya is known to bring along some controversy along with critical acclaim. The film opens with a passionate storyline about the injustice done to the tribals. However, various controversies have arisen over this. An argument has brought to the screen that the police have brutally shown in it. The Vanniyar Community – Paattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) political party has embroiled in controversy after it has accused of negatively portraying the Vanniyar community after it has ratified. The Vanniyar community demanded the immediate removal of all objectionable scenes. The Jai Bhim team demanded an unconditional apology and compensation of Rs 5 crore. Jai Bhim Issue, Director himself kept a Full stop for the issue.

Jai Bhim Issue

However, Jai Bhim director TJ Gnanavel responded on Twitter. He apologized to all those who suffered due to this movie. Gnanavel lamented, “The film does not deliberately offend any particular community. Gnanavel revealed that no one who saw Jai Bhim before the OTT release noticed the calendar containing the Vanniyar community logo, the firepot. “If we had noticed, the film would have removed before its release,” Gnanavel said in a statement. Gnanavel believes that it is unfair to drag the hero Suriya into the controversy and blame him as the director himself for the controversy. The director revealed that the Jai Bhim film crew has started removing the Agni Pot logo calendar.

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