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Hint for Family Man 3 – At the End of Family Man 2 there is a hint!



The series ‘The Family Man 2’, directed by Raj & DK, has been released on Amazon Prime with a lot of anticipation and has been a huge hit across the country. Samantha Akkineni has entered the OTT world with this series, which is set for the first season. Manoj Bajpayee once again impresses as Task Officer Srikanth Tiwari. Samantha lives in the role of a Tamil Eelam Soldier named Raji alias Rajyalakshmi. The makers hinted that there would be Family Man 3 at the end of the series.

Family Man
Family Man 3

Family Man 3:

In the first part, Pakistan is impressed with terrorism. The second part, ‘Family Man’ is based on the story of the Tamil Rebels – Sri Lanka. ‘Project Guan Yu‘ signals that Srikanth Tiwari and the team will show how to defuse the threat posed by the dragon nation in the third season. However, it seems that Raj-DK is planning to have a family drama in this too. We are going to show the past related to the role of Srikanth Tiwari.

Family Man poster
Family Man 3

Srikanth Tiwari’s character has been a professional for the past two seasons and on the other hand, he has been reluctant to devote time to his family. Now in ‘Family Man 3’, how did he actually become a ‘task’ agent? Also, there is propaganda that they are going to discuss marriage with Priyamani, etc. Not to mention Sandeep Kishan in the first season. Like Samantha in the second part, there are chances that another Tollywood star will act in the third season. However, the third part of ‘The Family Man’, which is being produced by director Raj-DK, is already getting huge speculations among all the audience.

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