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Hari RK (Hi-Time Fliicks) – Indian Ad Film Director Wiki, Biography & More



The city of Coimbatore, lying in the foothills of The Blue Mountains, is known to churn out people who later turn out to become well known, especially in the Media Industry. Starting from the likes of Manivannan, Satyaraj, Sivakumar till the recent smash hits like Lokesh Kanagaraj and Ramkumar, there is no shortage of creative talent from this part of the location. When we go into the smaller media like Advertising and TV Commercials, there are few best Ad film directors out there in the industry who create high-concept Advertisements that are known to be well received by the mass audience. One such Ad film director is Hari Prasanth R.K. One of the best ad film directors currently in the state, Hari brings in about six years of comprehensive experience in Advertising Film Making. He is one of the Best Ad film directors in Tamil.

Hari Prasanth
Hari RK (Hi-Time Fliicks) Biography

Hari’s Ad Film Projects:

Hailing from Coimbatore, he has directed about 12 Ad films for various brands, including The Chennai Silks, Vikings, Chandrika Handwash, Colors (Tamil) Channel & Chennai Mobiles.

Hi-Time Fliicks Production House:

Through his own Production House named Hi-Time Fliicks, Hari brings in the much-needed vision that every Ad film director should possess – a strong team and a stronger Mastermind that turns Imagination into Reality. With any Ad film, it is important to amplify a brand’s values and image multiple folds, and Hari has managed to do that with every single Ad film he has directed up until now.

Hari RK (Hi-Time Fliicks) Biography

Hari’s Vision:

Hari wishes to become one of the best Ad films directors in the Tamil industry and a comprehensive Production house in the country. Also, he was awarded the Maddys Award in the year 2019 for Excellence in TV Commercials by Madras Advertising Club.

Ad Films directed by Hari Prasanth:

Fireflies –

Hari Bhavanam –

Chennai Silks –

Ganapathy Silks –

Viking Vests & Briefs –

Chandrika HandWash –

Colors Tamil –

Social Handles:

Insta page:

Facebook page:

Hi-Time Fliicks Social Handles:

Insta page:

Facebook page:

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