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GP Muthu Vs Maina – Check out the Bigg Boss highlights here!



Netizens who watched today’s first promo of the Bigg Boss show sighed as frustrated. Bigg Boss Season 6 is all set to conclude next week. 21 celebrities participated in this program which started last October. Among them, Shanti Master, Original Disorder, Sherina, Maheshwari, Nivashani, Robert Master, Quincy, Ram, Ayesha, Janani, Dhanalakshmi, Manikanta, Rachita have been evicted so far. GP Muthu Vs Maina has perfect chemistry inside the house.

Only Vikraman, Shivin, Maina Nandini, Kathiravan, Azeem, ADK, and Amudhavanan are in the Bigg Boss house. Among them, Amudhavanan has won the finale ticket and qualified for the finals. Thus, all other contestants except Amudhavanan have been nominated for this week’s eviction process.

GP Muthu Vs Maina
GP Muthu Vs Maina

In this case, as it is the week before the finale, the old contestants who were evicted from the Bigg Boss house have entered the Bigg Boss house. This makes the Bigg Boss house lively. In this case, the first promo for today’s episode is out. Amudhavanan asks GP Muthu to propose to Maina, after which GP Muthu talks to Maina dripping with love.

Is there any boy you know who listens to him? Vikraman shakes the GP Muthu as if he has a boy to ask. Netizens who have seen this promo, why are you testing us by putting all this as a promo? are expanding. Netizens are criticizing that the finale week is not like the previous week. However, netizens are also saying that the timing of Vikraman’s response was perfect.

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