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Family Man 2 Trailer Trending – TN Gov asks for Ban for the series!



Familiar with the Family Man 2 vibes created by Raj & DK. The controversy has escalated to stardom since the trailer for the sequel to the blockbuster series arrived. The controversy is deeply frustrating at a time when first season fans are eagerly waiting for Season 2. Fans of The Family Man are looking forward to the release date. But will it be streaming to the stated time due to the latest controversy? That has become ambiguous. The controversy continues that Tamils ​​are being humiliated for showing the Tamil Tigers in the wrong way in the Family Man 2 trailer. Tried to change the trailer a bit after the controversy but to no avail.

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The Tamil government has recently written a letter to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting seeking a ban on the premieres of The Family Man 2. In the series, Eelam Tamils ​​are shown in the most objectionable manner. Distorted the historical struggle of the Eelam Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka. The letter also noted that their long-running democratic war sacrifices were misrepresented. This has weakened the value of Tamil culture. Allegedly there were many insults obstacles in this series against the wonderful Tamil culture.

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Family Man 2 Trailer:

The letter said that the portrayal of Tamil actress Samantha as a terrorist in the web series was a direct attack on Tamils ​​living around the world and that such propaganda would not be tolerated. The TN government has asked that Eelam not hurt the sentiments of Tamils. It is embarrassing to maintain harmony in the state if broadcast. The Tamil Nadu government has requested immediate action to stop or ban the release of The Family Man 2 not only in Amazon Prime Tamil Nadu but also across the country. In this situation, the trailer crossed 37 Million views in two days and created a record. Also, from the trailer release day, it is trending number 1 on youtube.

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