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Drishyam in Indonesia – Malayalam Movie now in international language!



The suspense thriller `Drishyam`, directed by Jeetu Joseph and starring Malayalam star Mohanlal, is a huge success. The film has remade in all four languages. Along with Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and also remade in Hindi. The film has a solid success in all languages. Audiences from all walks of life were enthralled by this suspense thriller. How did an ordinary middle-class family get out of that predicament when something unexpected happened? The screenplay is very realistic, highlighting the subject. That is why it is an unbeatable film in all languages. It rained heavily at the box office. The number of rewards rang out. Against this backdrop, the Mohanlal-Jeetu Joseph duo also screened Drishyam-2 and made it a success. Download Drishyam 2 here.

Drishyam in Indonesia

Drishyam in Indonesia:

The film, which has released in February this year, was a great success. With this, Venkatesh is now remaking Drishyam-2 in Telugu. Also, Venkatesh got success by acting in the first remake of Drishyam and Kamal Haasan in Tamil. The latest Drishyam is also getting ready for a remake in the Indonesian local language. The makers have also made an official statement in this regard. Falcon Productions has acquired the remake rights and revealed that it is doing a remake there. And who are the actors in this? Who is the director? The details will be revealing soon. Most of the Indian films have released in Indonesia. There is a good reception from the audience. After `Bahubali`, Telugu cinema came to light there. Prabhas has a special fan base. Download Drishyam 2 here.

Drishyam in Indonesia

The local language in Indonesia is called `Bahasa Indonesia. This is the basic language. More than 94 percent of the Indonesian population speaks. However, it is only a basic language for only 20 percent of the population. Also, Javanese (Java) is the most common primary language spoken by over 30% of the population. More clarity is needed on what language the scene will be screening in. Download Drishyam 2 here.

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