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Drishyam 2 Remake in Tamil – Unlucky for the Kollywood fans!



Drishyam 2, a sequel to the Malayalam super hit movie Drishyam, was also a sensational success. Drishyam 2 was a critical and commercial success as well. Following the super hit Drishyam 2, they are ready to remake it in Telugu immediately. Venkatesh is giving immediate dates for this movie. Shooting has also started and finished. Telugu Drishyam 2 in the background of Corona Second Wave is likely to come to the audience a bit late. There have been discussions about Tamil Drishyam 2 for the last few days. Here is the Papanasam 2 Update from the original Drishyam 2 movie from the Malayalam language.

Drishyam 2
Drishyam 2 Remake in Tamil

Drishyam 2 Remake in Tamil:

The Drishyam was remade in Tamil with the title Papanasam. Gauthami starred in the film opposite Kamal Haasan. The sequel to the film, starring Nivetha Thomas and Esther, needs the four and other actors again. But the situation between Gauthami and Kamal Haasan is not the same as in the past. The two, who were cohabiting at the time of the massacre, are now separated and away. It is not possible to meet for the movie.

Drishyam 2 Remake in Tamil

Kamal Haasan was recently approached by Jeetu Joseph. The director told Kamal Haasan that he would finish shooting in two months. But Kamal Haasan said that he was not ready to act with Gauthami. At the same time, he said that he would act with Meena or any other heroine. But unlike in all languages, the director thinks that the feeling will be lost if the heroine is changed in Tamil. Kamal Haasan. He also wants to do what Gauthami says is OK. Kamal Haasan, however, says there is no chance of him admitting it. So, it is as if the Tamil audience is not lucky enough to see Drishyam 2 Tamil version Papanasam 2.

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