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Disputes by FEFSI on Simbu – Will this gets resolved soon!



The Tamil Film Producers Council has announced that it has severed ties with the Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) after working together for decades. Lightman – Makeup men – Crane Operators – Camera Operators. Also, FEFSI head R.K. Selvamani issued a statement stating that he had not violated any provision in his personal capacity or in terms of the contract with the Federation Council. He explained that the council had sent a circular note to support new films starring Simbu as there were pending disputes with four producers, including AAA fame Michael Rayappan. Disputes by FEFSI on Simbu for his latest movie.

Disputes by FEFSI on Simbu

Simbu’s new film Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu directed by Gautam Menon has started shooting. The dispute is said to have caused a rift between the two companies. Also, Selvamani clarified that producer Vels Ishari Ganesan had sought permission from the production board to shoot just four days outside Chennai. However, the Simbu disputes will be resolving soon. Producer Ishari Ganesan has assured me that the next schedule will start in Chennai after that. According to Selvamani, FEFSI only collaborated with Simbu on the film with the permission of the Producers Council. He called on the people to come forward and talk about the ending. Also, the stalemate as some unseen forces are working to cause this serious problem.

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