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Dhanalaskhmi Getting Emotional – Check out BB Updates!



In the most recent episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 6, the nomination procedure for the following elimination took place after VJ Maheshwari was eliminated. Last week’s sweet store task winners Vikraman and Manikandan made it through this week’s elimination. Most nominations have given to Robert Master and Azeem.

When Dhanalakshmi has nominated, she experienced a breakdown of emotions in the confessional. She received a severe warning from the show’s presenter Kamal Haasan for breaking the house rules on Sunday’s episode. She cried as she pleaded with Bigg Boss not to let anyone in the house know because they might tease her.

Dhanalaskhmi Getting Emotional
Dhanalaskhmi Getting Emotional

Amudhavanan, Dhanalakshmi, Ayesha, Rachitha, Queency, Janany, Nivaashini, and Kathiravan has put forward for this week’s eviction toward the end of the job.

Dhanalaskhmi Geeting Emotional

Following the nomination task, Bigg Boss informed the contestants about the captaincy task. Participants in the task included Manikandan, Rachita, Vikraman, and Amudhavanan. Manikandan battled hard against Rachita, Vikraman, and Amudhavanan in the ring. Manikandan and Amudhavanan have considered the task’s finals even though the other competitors have eliminated earlier. A rematch was held between them because they were tied, and Manikandan ultimately prevailed, taking over as the house captain for the week.

The next challenge involved a luxury budget, with Azeem serving as the sanchalak. Participants included Vikraman, Shivin, Dhanalakshmi, and Kathiravan. The challenge has won by Kathiravan, who has awarded 200 luxury project points.

Dhanalaskhmi Getting Emotional
Dhanalaskhmi Getting Emotional

Actor Kamal Haasan has been hosting the Bigg Boss show on Star Vijay TV for the last 5 seasons. In this case, an unseen promo video of Bigg Boss has released. In it, all the contestants have seated. Then, Bigg Boss says that he will nominate some people for this week’s eviction process for using certain words.

Talking to the contestants, Bigg Boss said, “You are very nice, but it’s only Saturday, you are starting to behave like a curtsey, you need to calm down, be overconfident, you know your mistake, you don’t get hit, you are slow, and the nominees for this week’s eviction process are Dhanalakshmi, Aseem, Nivashani, Quincy, Robert. , Ayesha, Kathirravan, and Janani”.

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