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Dhanalakshmi Entry – Check out the Bigg Boss Highlights here!



Everyone is surprised to see the person who has entered the Bigg Boss 6 house as a guest. The house of Bigg Boss 6 is full of guests this week. GP Muthu arrived as the first competitor and left as the first. But Bigg Boss did not want to send him back immediately and let him stay. In this case, the promo video has been released.

Dhanalakshmi Entry
Dhanalakshmi Entry

Dhanalakshmi Entry

Today’s guest is Dhanalakshmi who has been giving duff and content to Azeem. Instead of bringing him through the door, Bigg Boss has given a pleasant surprise to the housemates by keeping him inside the house. It is noteworthy that the place where Dhanalakshmi passed away was not new to him. It’s the same place as before during the task. As part of the task, Vikraman runs away and Dhanalakshmi arrives to find the bomb. Seeing that, the housemates cheered. Dhanalakshmi showed off her Bigg Boss tattoo as Azeem hugged her brother.

When Dhanalakshmi opened the gun in her hand, it said that Amudavanan should change the color of his hair and make a sacrifice. He then tied his hair and changed its Color. Only when the hair Color changed did Amudavanan start speaking punch lines thinking of Rajini. Shivin teases Amudavanan that the Color looks like a chicken. Also, the promo video is over. Not only the housemates are happy to see Dhanalakshmi but also the audience.

Dhanalakshmi Entry
Dhanalakshmi Entry

People who have seen the promo video have said that immediately after Dhanalakshmi’s arrival, he planted a bomb on Amudavanan. Have you come? There is an incident. Dhanalakshmi is going to work hard until she leaves. They said that it is good to watch the show now. Some people have said that they want to see this movie again.

Dhanalakshmi will turn into the fire if it comes to tasks in Bigg Boss 6 house. Even so, the audience was outraged that his eviction was unfair. They demanded that Dhanalakshmi be kept in a secret room and brought back. But Bigg Boss has brought him as a guest.

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