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Cooku with Comali 2 Finalists here – Twist in the Wild Card round!



The semi-finals over last week on the Cooku with Comali show have left fans in mourning. Because the Cooku with Comali show currently has a huge fan base. Needless to say, this show is a great antidote to forgetting worries and laughing every weekend. It is noteworthy that the Fame Comalis of last season like Pughal, Bala, Shivangi, Manimegalai have also participated in this season. The scenes where the contestants put on Comali and do not cook make the fans shudder and laugh. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but fans are still hoping for a few more extra weeks. Similarly, the Wild Card Round is taking place this week. Judges selected Cooku with Comali 2 Finalists here with a twist in the Wild Card round.

Pughal With Darsha and Pavithra

Cooku with Comali 2 Finalists here:

Madurai Muthu, Pavithra, Darsha Gupta, Deepa, Shakeela, and Rithika have participated in this wild card round. Fans are eagerly waiting to see who will win this tough match and go to the round of the grand final. Already Ashwin, Kani, and Baba Bhaskar have been selected directly for the final round. In this case, only one person will be selected in such a wild card competition and will go to the final. But this time two people won the match unexpectedly. Yes, Shakila and Pavithra both cooked well and received praise from the judges. So, it has been confirmed that Shakila and Pavithra will be the fourth and fifth finalists this season. In this case, the fans are congratulating them.

Deepa’s Atrocity comedy in Wild card Vera Level:

Deepa’s atrocities with Comali and other rivals are all going to another level of editing and going viral after Deepa’s sister returns. Meanwhile, Sivaangi tweeted about it. In it, I watch the 2nd season of Cooku with the Comali. I burst out laughing from the heart for Deepa Akka comedy, editors and technicians are on a different level. Fans who have seen this have been posting comments to Deepa Akka’s action counters that you are laughing. Also, Deepa’s Tirunelveli Slang speech is beautiful, realistic, and humorous.

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