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Ciby Chandran Out from Bigg boss – Took 12 Lakh and came out!



Ciby Chandran has played a notable role in the movie ‘Master’. At this point, Bigg Boss has been living in the house Ciby from day one. Following this, actor Sarathkumar introduced a cash box when he entered the Bigg Boss house. The money in the wallet, which started at Rs 3 lakh, went up to Rs 5 lakh, Rs 7 lakh, and Rs 12 lakh respectively. Earlier, the Ciby had hugged Aamir when he told him that he had no chance of winning and therefore would take the money and leave the Big Boss house.

Ciby Chandran Out from Bigg boss

But Aamir was shocked to learn that what he has done was a Prank. Following this, Ciby started saying that he is going to take the money. Before that, he asked Thamarai, “Did you take the money?” Had asked. The fans were flexible in saying this thing. After that actor, Ciby Big Boss left the house with 12 lakh rupees.

Ciby Chandran
Ciby Chandran Out from Bigg boss

Actor Ciby Chandran, who came out in this situation, has posted his first post on Instagram after Bigg Boss left home. It said, “I have been at Bigg Boss for 95 days. I see these 95 days as one of the most memorable of Bigg Boss being at home. Thanks to the fans, Kamal Sir, Bigg Boss, and all the fellow contestants who were with us. he said. Speaking on the post, Ciby said, “My fellow contestants loved me. They were taking good care of me. Big thanks to all the people who supported me. I tried to be a good entertainer and a good man at Bigg boss house. I’m still trying. He added.

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