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Bread Panchayat – Bigg Boss season 5 House is on Fire!



Everyone is scared of the luxury budget task inside the Big Boss house. The most important of these is the correct availability of the desired foods. Currently, some of the people in the Bigg Boss house have become villagers and some have become city dwellers. The villagers, in particular, are Raju, Akshara, Chinnapponnu, Tamarai, and many others. Akshara and Madhumita took the bread of the plan and hide it, to the disgust of the villagers, to do things including the occasional eating of bread omelet by the townspeople. Niroop, who is a little nervous about this, looked around for Bread in different places and at one point said, “I will fire once I find the bread” He started talking.

Bigg Boss
Bread Panchayat

Bread Panchayat:

The panchayat has finally gone to the Isavani in charge of the kitchen this week. This whole week is Fire Energy Week and he is ruling the kitchen because the Isaivani has a fire coin. Also, this panchayat goes to Isaivani and she said to do whatever housemates want. Do not throw food and play. Those who see it will know it is wrong and I will impose some rules. It is better to follow them a little. Just do what I say. Do not cook without asking me!” she also mentioned that. It is noteworthy that she called this to the Confession Room and told the Bigg Boss the same to Isaivani. And in this Bread panchayat, to hear the Isavani who stole it, Akshara came and began to tell the whole story.

Akshara Reddy
Bread Panchayat

And Akshara started joking that she would only respond if she told herself the whole thing from the beginning. Accordingly, she claimed that they stole Bread because he hated eating the omelet in front of her. After that, Akshara smiled and showed the place where bread was, as Raju had given advice.

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