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Booming Netflix – Investing more in the Indian Market!



Before much was known about OTT in India, Netflix was well-received in many countries, including the United States. Once upon a time, OTT meant fraudulently heard names like Netflix. Netflix is ​​currently making large-scale efforts to expand in India. Netflix is ​​no doubt the charm of exclusive Hollywood web series and web series in other languages. This OTT has amassed hundreds of millions of rupees worth of web series, no less than Hollywood movies. Some of the web series already streaming on Netflix has received a good response worldwide. Not to mention the level of success of the recent “squid game”. Watch the Squid game here.

Booming Netflix

The “squid game” is also very popular in India. The “Squid Game” web series is also streaming in Southern languages. As a result, Netflix has become a huge customer in India in recent times. Now comes the news that Netflix is ​​trying to bring more web series like “Squid Game” to the audience. It seems that arrangements are being made to stream huge web series worth around $ 500 million, or about Rs 3,500 crore, for streaming in multiple languages ​​worldwide.

Booming Netflix

It seems that Netflix is ​​going to make this effort in order to further increase the craze of Netflix internationally. With the release of the $ 500 million web series, the number of people who watch Netflix worldwide is definitely likely to grow even more. Analysts are of the opinion that Netflix, which has recently increased the number of account holders in India by lowering rates, is now likely to attract more attention with its new content.

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