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Bigg Boss Title Winner – Azeem grabs the title for Season 6!



People who saw Azeem being given the title of Bigg Boss 6 are in a frenzy. But Bigg Boss has done what he said about the title. Many people say that giving the title to Azeem is the worst thing. In this case, Bigg Boss has given the title only after telling him.

It was expected that either Vikraman or Shivin could be announced as the Bigg Boss 6 title winner. In this case, it was reported that the title is being given to Vikraman, who talks about virtue winning. Hearing that, Vikraman’s followers were happy. Their happiness did not last. Nobody unexpectedly gave the title to Azeem.

Bigg Boss Title Winner
Bigg Boss Title Winner

Bigg Boss Title Winner

A title without character, as if it had no value if true. They have given the title to Azeem. Vikraman’s supporters have said that they will no longer follow Vijay TV, which gave him the title, on social media because it is a Vijay TV product. But Bigg Boss has given the title to Azeem just by saying. Bigg Boss often says to expect the unexpected. That is what he has done in the case of the title. Everyone expected Vikraman to get the title. No one expected Azeem to get it. So Bigg Boss shocked the audience by announcing the unexpected contestant Azeem as the title winner.

Viewers expected Shivin to get the title if not for Vikraman. That’s why he didn’t give it to Shivin. If only Shivin had got the title, the world media would have celebrated as Bigg Boss Tamil honored a transgender. Viewers say Bigg Boss missed a good chance. National media reported that Azeem has been given the title of the most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 6. What a great controversy. He is the reason why this season was so good. Only then daily Azeem is required. Azeem’s supporters have said that only if he is given the title, the Durai people will get angry.

Bigg Boss Title Winner
Bigg Boss Title Winner

Hello Bigg Boss, we will never watch this show again honestly. People’s votes are not valued. You give the title to your favorite. A good man has no value. Honor to the beholder. There is nothing worse than this. Although Azeem got the title, the real winner is our brother Vikraman, his supporters said.

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