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Bigg Boss Tamil Updates – Azeem Praises Vikraman for TV Tasks!



Actor Kamal Haasan has been hosting the Bigg Boss show on Star Vijay TV for the last 5 seasons. Meanwhile, an event was held inside the Bigg Boss house to choose the worst contestant from this week’s TV-TRP task. Meanwhile, a task has held where fellow contestants could choose who was the best contestant of the week. Azeem and Vikraman have been chosen as the best performer in this. This has come as a surprise to Bigg Boss fans and fellow contestants inside the Bigg Boss house. Here are Bigg Boss Tamil Updates.

Because the fights between Azeem and Vikraman inside the Bigg Boss house in the past were memorable. The war of words between Azeem and Vikraman is especially popular during the ranking task. However, at the end of the week, Azeem apologized in front of Kamal Haasan for the words he had spoken, while Kamal Haasan praised Vikraman for speaking with respect and speaking up for his rights.

Bigg Boss Tamil Updates
Bigg Boss Tamil Updates

Azeem proposed Vikraman and Robert Master as the best performers of the week. Azeem also told the reason for this, “Recently in the TV-TRP task in the Bigg Boss house, Vikraman did a thought-provoking awareness concept about human excrement. It’s really something special. Also, Vikraman managed well in the tasks throughout the week. So, I mention him as the best performer. It is noteworthy that in that task mentioned by Azeem, he acted along with Vikraman Rachita, Amudavanan, and others.

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