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Bigg Boss Tamil Update – Quincy and Janani Misunderstands!



Janani comes in the middle of the night taking Quincy’s towel. Then Quincy is taking a bath in the swimming pool. When Nandhini, Maheshwari, and Rachita were sitting there, Quincy saw the piece in Janani’s hand and asked if it was my piece and did, and she uses it. For this Janani, I am not used to it. He says I didn’t take it, I just wiped it with a broom. But Quincy says I am confused by the piece in hand. He also said that he didn’t like to take the dress he kept to wash so he asked for it, but later he understood Janani’s situation. Here is the Bigg Boss Tamil update.

Bigg Boss Tamil Update
Bigg Boss Tamil Update

After that Janani is angry. On questioning him, Dhanalakshmi asks Quincy about this and Quincy tells Janani, I am not angry about what you have taken. I don’t know under what circumstances you took the towel. But I said that because my parents never use my towel. He says I won’t say anything from now on whatever you take my stuff and leave. Meanwhile, Janney falls at Quincy’s feet and apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry, I won’t take anything of yours again.”

Bigg Boss Tamil Update

After that, Janani angrily throws the coffee cup and breaks it, and shouts that she took it without knowing. Again Quincy, rightly I should be angry about this, but I told you I have no anger towards you. What are you apologizing for? To this, Dhanalakshmi told Quincy that Janani had taken it without clothes, should I go to her and tell her that my father and mother will not take my piece? One says that if one takes it in that situation, one should leave it. To which Quincy says, I am not angry with her, I said nothing. Again, Dhanalakshmi argues that it was wrong to ask Janani like that from the swimming pool in front of so many people. Their fight lasted the whole night.

Bigg Boss Tamil Update
Bigg Boss Tamil Update

After that Quincy was in the swimming pool telling Dhanalakshmi that it was hard for him to hear her like that in front of all the people. Similarly, Quincy, who told everything that happened to Nivashini, “She did not realize what she had done and she fell on her feet saying that she was hurt when she asked me if I had taken off my dress in front of all the people while I was in the swimming pool. That would be wrong. So, I said I wanted to apologize. Dhanalakshmi also spoke in her support. But it is difficult for this matter to be carried like this now,” he cries.

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