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Bigg Boss Season 6 Promo – The court scene is going on this Week!



The promo video of Shiv’s angry departure from the Bigg Boss court task is out. Judge ADK in the Bigg Boss house court. Shivin left saying get out, what do you say I will walk out. Bigg Boss 6 has turned the house into a court. ADK He is the judge. They made Azeem a lawyer. In the first promo video, Azeem advocated on behalf of Amudavanan. In this case, Shivin Ganesan’s angry promo video has been released.

Judge ADK said that as a lawyer, he should take the correct points and speak. Shivin Ganesan, playing the role of a lawyer, asked if I could speak now. The judge said that you cannot talk, the judgment is over. The judge said if Shivin continues to talk, if he is disrespectful, please go out.

Bigg Boss Season 6 Promo
Bigg Boss Season 6 Promo

Judge ADK Hearing this, lawyer Shivin said angrily that he was walking out and left the court. We cannot post our personal opinion here. My impression is that it cannot be taken. Shivin says I don’t want to talk to you judge and leaves.

Bigg Boss Season 6 Promo

People who have seen the promo video have said that ADK was injured in the Raja Rani task. It’s like saying it’s Sans. You conduct, judge. ADK honestly didn’t think such an argument would happen between Shiv. It is not on our list. Bigg Boss has a twist on another level. Respect the judge no matter who he is. They said that Shivin should reduce his anger a little.

Bigg Boss Season 6 Promo
Bigg Boss Season 6 Promo

Is this the test that came to the judge? Shivin says the lawyer should listen to the judge. It is the assembly, not the court, to act like this. Bigg Boss has brought politics into the house. Usually, Kamal Haasan speaks politics himself. Bigg Boss viewers have questioned what the new housemates are talking about.

Shivin Ganesan has gained respect from Bigg Boss viewers. Many people like the way he behaves in the Bigg Boss house. Viewers have said that they want to see Shivin in the Bigg Boss house till the end. Let’s wait and see if Bigg Boss fulfills their wish.

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