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Bigg Boss Season 5 Winner – Raju crowned the Title of season 5!



Actor Kamal Haasan has announced Raju as the winner of the 5th season of Vijay TV Big Boss. Bigg Boss has earlier spoken to both Raju and Priyanka who were last seen at the Bigg Boss house. At that time, Raju expressed sadness, tears, laughter, and anger. Bigg Boss, who said that Priyanka had expressed the same feelings immeasurably, extended his congratulations to Priyanka and Raju and said that after Bigg Boss left the house, please come if you ever come to this house.

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss Season 5 Winner

Speaking about Raju, Bigg Boss said, “Raju, you are a writer and a director. Let the flowered bedspread on the painful path you have traversed.” Kamal Haasan then visited the Bigg Boss house. Kamal Haasan took a selfie with Priyanka and Raju during a visit to Bigg Boss’ house. Following this, Kamal Haasan brought them to the front of the Bigg Boss show while talking to them and played with the trend for a while.

Bigg Boss Season 5 Winner

Kamal says to count to 5 before announcing who the winner is, meanwhile Raju’s mother was tense. Raju’s wife did not cry. Actor Kamal Haasan then announced Raju as the winner of the Bigg Boss house with a bang. As soon as the cup was handed over to him, he was given a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh. Holding the trophy in his hand, Raju said, “I had asked people to let me win. But I was still scared. Other fellow competitors also played a role in this success. I don’t want to thank people and put them off. So, I never thanked them. Thank you though.

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