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Bigg Boss Season 5 Update – May not be organized this year!



Bigg Boss Show has been entertaining the audience in Hindi for a long time. Northern audiences own Bigg Boss. It was a bit too late for the South audience to bring Bigg Boss forward. South Big Boss is also impressive, albeit late. Bigg Boss, which started almost simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, has already ended four seasons. Even though the fifth season is due to start this year, the corona is expected to be delayed by the second wave. But recently, the news came that the Telugu Bigg Boss show organizers have decided that it will not be possible to manage this year. Here is Bigg Boss Season 5 Update below.

Kamal in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Season 5 Update:

If all goes well, Season 5 is expected to start early next year. There is talk in the Tamil industry that the Tamil Bigg Boss is not on the same path as the Telugu Bigg Boss this year. Currently, there are various rumors circulating about Kamal’s health. There were also comments that he was unable to do the show in the background. In addition, the lockdown continues due to the second wave. Corona decided not to start the show as it was supposed to be the same till the end of this year but with the intention that the Malayalam Bigg Boss show would have to be stopped in the middle. Also, there are rumors that Simbu will be hosting Bigg Boss season 5 this year.

Simbu in Bigg boss

Bigg Boss has been very successful in Telugu and Tamil. Organizers and contestants along with the audience are also interested in the fifth season, especially as the four seasons in Tamil have also garnered huge ratings. At a time like this, Corona is frustrated with the news that the show may not be out this year. Bigg Boss organizers are expected to change their minds if the situation worsens by the end of this year.

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