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Bigg Boss Kathiravan – He is a weak Contestant this week!



Kathiravan is likely to leave Bigg Boss Season 6 this week. Bigg Boss season 6 started last October. A total of 21 contestants participated in this season, unlike any other season. Within a week of the start of the competition, GP Muthu became the favorite contestant of all the fans.

Also, GP Muthu was elected as the first captain of this season. But GP Muthu left home on his own because he could not stay away from his family for many days. Shanthi got fewer votes and came out as the first contestant. After him, Asal, Maheshwari, Sherina, and Nivasini have left after getting fewer votes so far.

Bigg Boss Kathiravan
Bigg Boss Kathiravan

However, this season is currently running for fifty days. But the fans are saying that the excitement that was there when the season started is not going away. Due to this, Bigg Boss is thinking of dropping the sensational contestant in the field as a wild card entry. In this case, the nomination for the next week was held yesterday as Robert Master recently got fewer votes and left. Dhanalakshmi, Janani, Maina, Rachita, Quincy, and Kathirravan were nominated in this open nomination.

Fans are expecting Kathirravan to leave the house this week. The reason is that fans are criticizing that he is idle at home so far. Now that he has been nominated, fans are expected to oust him this week.

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