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Bigg Boss Kathir – He stuns the Housemates and Fans by dancing!



Fans are in awe of Kathir’s performance in today’s third promo of Bigg Boss. In the Bigg Boss house this week the Individual Performance task has been given as the weekly task. Each housemate is given a character in the title of Twinkle Big Star… You Will Be People’s Star. To add to that, the housemates who are going around Kathir are also showing their amazing performances. At the end of this week-long task, the contestant with the highest prize will be declared the winner. That contestant will be directly qualified for next week’s captain task.

Bigg Boss Kathir
Bigg Boss Kathir

Bigg Boss Kathir

It has revealed in the first promo that was released today that Maina Nandini Vadivelu danced like Cat Shekar in Naai Shekar style. Following this, in the second promo, it has revealed that ADK played a bad role like Nithyananda. Nithyananda has intimidating in speaking modulation. Netizens who saw ADK’s performance were saying that ADK will be saved this week. His performance was so realistic.

Meanwhile, the third promo for today’s episode has released. This promo is completely focused on VJ Ram. In this, Kathir dances and screams like Michael Jackson in the getup. Kathir has surprised us by showing the difference in every step. Netizens who saw Katira’s performance were left speechless asking if it was Kathir.

Bigg Boss Kathir
Bigg Boss Kathir

Due to this, netizens were criticizing him for playing a safe game. Actor Kamal Haasan, who slipped away from fighting others even during courtroom tasks, warned against playing the safe game. In this case, the netizens who have seen the ray of their talent today, don’t need to fight with others when they have talent. Your talent will fight for you. They praise you to make you successful.

Finally, Kathir collects his reward in his hat. It has revealed that a huge amount of 8000 rupees has been collected. Kathir has satisfied the audience since the day he participated in Bigg Boss. Kathiravan has never had a big fight with anyone in the Bigg Boss house. He says that he has his job.

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