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Bigg Boss Highlights – Conversation B/W Amudhavanan and Vikraman!



Bigg Boss season 6 is currently airing in Tamil. The show is going full blast every week with lots of twists and turns. The Bigg Boss show is full of excitement and is going in top gear, so the fans are watching it with great eagerness. GP Muthu has voluntarily left the Bigg Boss house to visit her family. Following this, Shanthi, Asal Kolar, and Sherina were out of the Bigg Boss house respectively in the following weeks.

Subsequently, Kamal Haasan, who appeared in the recently concluded episode, made a lot of angry comments about the Bigg Boss contestants not following the rules properly inside the house. Due to this, the fans mentioned that the contestants will not engage in street violations in the coming weeks.

Bigg Boss Highlights

Bigg Boss Highlights

Following this, the Bigg Boss contestants were divided into two teams and instructed to make sweets for a new task called Sweet Factory. While many events are going on in the Bigg Boss house, now the issue related to the altercation between Amudhavanan and Vikraman is creating a lot of buzzes. Amudavanan, who speaks first, asked Vikraman, “If you say something, take it as fun. If I say something, take it seriously. Let’s say that we will make trouble for everything.”

Then Amudavanan mentioned the previous day’s incident and said, “Something happened yesterday. You said you wanted to listen and tell. Is it my job to listen and tell?” When Amudavanan said this, Vikraman tried to say something in response, “It’s a lie, it’s a lie,” Amudavanan spoke a bit furiously.

Vikraman says firmly that he will listen to what needs to be asked, “If you need to ask, why am I asking about a personal matter?” The issue of Amudavanan and Vikraman fighting in the middle of the new task has created a lot of excitement among Bigg Boss viewers.

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