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Bigg Boss Eviction – Check out possible elimination here!



Information has been leaked about the contestant who will be evicted from the Bigg Boss 6 house this week. Viewers are happy to know about the contestant who is going to leave the Bigg Boss house the day after tomorrow. It has 54 days since the start of Bigg Boss 6. A contestant is eliminated every week. They sent Robert Master last week. Dhanalakshmi, Janani, Quincy, Kathiravan, Manikandan, Shivin, Maina Nandini, and Rachita Mahalakshmi have been nominated for this week’s eviction. No one nominated Azeem this week, who gets nominated every week.

Bigg Boss Eviction
Bigg Boss Eviction

Bigg Boss Eviction

Dhanalakshmi rushed to Mallu to Vikraman saying did not solve the alien and tribal people’s task. The audience’s ears hurt when he screamed. Viewers were saying Bigg Boss, throw out Saroja Dhanalakshmi this week, who says that no one should speak and only listen to what she has to say. In this situation, Bigg Boss has decided to fulfill the wishes of the audience.

It has leaked from reliable sources that it is Dhanalakshmi who is going to leave the Bigg Boss house this week. Bigg Boss viewers who came to know about this said, “We have been asking Dhanalakshmi for weeks to evict her.” Then there’s all the care this week. It has been reported that Bigg Boss is somewhere in the house.

Bigg Boss Eviction
Bigg Boss Eviction

The audience is continuously demanding that Azeem should be given a red card and thrown out for putting his hand on Amudhavanan who is called ‘Atichadalam Vaa’. In this case, it has come to know that Dhanalakshmi is going to go out. So, as usual, the viewers have questioned that you will not stop Azeem and give him a red card and send him out, that is Bigg Boss.

Dhanalakshmi is happy because she is going out. But he and Azeem are providing the content. In such a case, if you send it, the war will be fought. Quincy, who is idle at home, may have sent Rachita Mahalakshmi. Some have also said that If someone asks we can escape.

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