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Bigg Boss Court Scene – Here are some highlights from the House!



People who watched today’s first promo video of Bigg Boss 6 are talking about the situation of the judge. Viewers couldn’t stop laughing after finding out who the new judge of the Bigg Boss court was. Bigg Boss has turned the house into a court this week in the weekly task. The problems that happened in the Bigg Boss house are heard in the court and the verdict is given.

Yesterday, Azeem appeared as a lawyer on behalf of Vikraman. After that Advocate Shivin Ganesan Judge ADK. He got angry and walked out. In this case, the new promo video has been released. A promo video has been released with Azeem humbly announcing that Shivin is going to plead for the key theft case. I took the key but the secret task’s strategy was ADK. Lawyer Shivin said it was not self-harm. Vikraman then cross-examined Azeem.

Bigg Boss Court Scene
Bigg Boss Court Scene

Bigg Boss Court Scene

What is the reason for taking the key and what is the strategy? A man is locked in the leg. We should behave with humanity. Vikraman asked Azeem if he had asked him to unlock the door and if someone had the key in his hand, give it to him or not. To which Azeem replied, Sure asked. Vikraman again questioned Azeem whether a person who could ask like that would buy the key and keep it in his pocket.

ADK who was sitting on the judge’s chair yesterday. spoke Why did he get angry and shout? ADK in promo videos too. had spoken. But the judge today is Ram, nicknamed Mixer Mama. Even sitting in the judge’s chair, the man does not say anything and just watches. Watching this, Bigg Boss viewers are teasing that the judge is going to fall asleep on the table after watching this.

Bigg Boss Court Scene
Bigg Boss Court Scene

Those who have seen the promo video have said that Bigg Boss is not true. This court task is brutal. I don’t know how to drive for a week. It’s like driving around crying today. If you see us, don’t you feel guilty, Bigg Boss said.

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