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Bigg Boss ADK – Here are some Bigg Boss highlights!



A promo video has been released in which Amudavanan says to ADK you have been targeting me for a long time. Those who have seen today’s promo video have questioned whether ADK knows the truth. Bigg Boss 6 house viewers are left stunned after watching this week’s task. They are complaining that Bigg Boss is a very cruel task. In this situation, Vikraman, Amudavanan, and ADK have released a promo video after talking to them.

The promo video starts with Vikraman telling Ayesha, who is in a male role, that Tambi Madhava should not do that. Ayesha looks at Vikraman in Simbu style and asks fiercely, “Whatever you do, don’t do that, don’t do this, what’s your problem?” After that, they turned their attention to Amudavanan. ADK gave Amudavanan his hand saying that everything will be over in ten seconds.

Bigg Boss ADK

Bigg Boss ADK
Bigg Boss ADK

Vikraman looks at Amudavanan and tells him that there is no connection between the disguise and the speech. He further said that you are speaking against medical science. Don’t look for logic here, this is a place for performance. Then ADK tells Amudavanan what is the name of onion. ADK After hearing what he said, Amudavanan said you have been targeting me for a long time. How many people are you targeting like that? But beyond that, I don’t want to talk. ADK said to respect my freedom.

The Promo video will be good in the Bigg Boss show itself. Now it is going downhill. Think about it, Bigg Boss. We couldn’t clean it. Viewers have said that they have never seen such a bad promo video in the history of Bigg Boss. People who watched the promo video also said that ADK needs someone to blame. This Vikraman did not do the task properly and did not let others do it. Bigg Boss started a fight with everyone in the house. ADK seems to know that if he is playing safe, he will be chased away. So, this week ADK Like Escape. It is said that either Ram or Ayesha will leave.

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