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Bigg Boss 6 Eviction – 7 housemates have been nominated!



Bigg Boss has 7 nominees for this week’s eviction. 7 people have nominated for this week’s eviction on Bigg Boss. 40 days have passed since Bigg Boss season 6 started airing. Many contestants are still playing the safe game with masks and not showing their true identities. Some contestants show their original faces no matter how much they act and get damage. Some of the contestants are exaggerating the non-existent problems as if they can stay in the Bigg Boss house only if the contestants create some problem every day and give content.

Bigg Boss 6 Eviction
Bigg Boss 6 Eviction

This season has more fights and brawls than previous seasons. This causes irritation rather than exhilaration. Not only the viewers but also the fellow housemates are becoming fierce due to the bickering contestants. Every week they nominate the contestants who are fighting each other for some reason to eliminate them somehow.

Bigg Boss 6 Eviction

But Bigg Boss doesn’t see all that. He doesn’t tease rivals as they should. In this case, the nomination process for this week’s eviction was held yesterday. This nomination has held as the first open nomination in Bigg Boss Season 6. Some of the contestants nominated 2 people each with honest reasons and some with ulterior motives.

Accordingly, in this week’s nomination, 7 people namely Azeem, Amudavanan, Robert, Dhanalakshmi, Kathiravan, Ram, and Manikandan have been included in the nomination list. It is already known that Azeem and Dhanalakshmi are quarrelsome. But now Amudavanan has also joined that list. In the Bigg Boss house, the contestants who don’t know where to stay calm are getting evicted rather than the contestants who fight.

Bigg Boss 6 Eviction
Bigg Boss 6 Eviction

In that respect, Robert Master or Ram is likely to leave this week. Robert master is giving love torture to Rachita and there is a demand to oust her. At the same time, fans are also angry with Dhanalakshmi as she is getting angry unnecessarily. Netizens are also saying that if Dhanalakshmi gets angry this week, she is more likely to go to the danger zone. Viewers can vote till Friday for who they want to stay in the Bigg Boss house. Although the contestant was evicted in Sunday’s episode, it is noteworthy that the information is coming out about the contestant who will leave the Bigg Boss house on Saturday evening itself.

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