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Bigg Boss 6 Azeem – Truth revealed by Robert and Manikandan!



Those who are in the Bigg Boss 6 house know that fact about Azeem. Robert Master and Manikandan surprised the audience by saying the truth. The truth about Azeem in the Bigg Boss 6 house is known not only to the viewers but also to the housemates.

Azee in the Bigg Boss 6 house will remain calm. If not, he will keep shouting whenever he sees it. Azeem would scream for a whole week. He will be reprimanded by World Champion Kamal Haasan on the weekend. Immediately next week he will be praised by Kamal for being an equal child. Shout, praise, shout, repeat. This is Azeem’s routine.

Bigg Boss 6 Azeem
Bigg Boss 6 Azeem

Bigg Boss 6 Azeem

Azeem is not only known for shouting wildly but also for getting nominated and saved every week. The housemates also nominate Azeem every week in the hope that they can somehow evict him. The housemates also give a reasonable reason for it. But their wish has not yet been fulfilled.

Come the weekend, Kamal Haasan will show the card with Azeem’s name saying that he will leave the Bigg Boss house this week and it has become a regular thing for the housemates to expect and continue to be disappointed. In this case, the housemates have nominated Azeem’s name for eviction this week as well.

Bigg Boss 6 Azeem
Bigg Boss 6 Azeem

Bigg Boss viewers who have seen Azeem’s name in the nomination list, there is nothing wrong with this. BB will definitely not evict Azeem. How to run the show by chasing away the content giving Azeem. Azeem has already gone into nice mode. So Kamal Haasan will praise Azeem this week and say that he has been saved.

Azeem’s constant rescue like this seems premature not only to the viewers but also to the housemates. Robert Master and Manikandan have said that even if Azeem is nominated this week, they will not send him out. Viewers have said that if Robert Master thinks that he knows nothing about Rachita, he must have noted down everything about Azeem. At the same time, Quincy said that if Ram is not present, Azeem will be expelled. Looks like Quincy still doesn’t understand Bigg Boss.

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