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Bigg Boss 24th Highlights – Court scenes are moving more crucial!



Azeem has made Quincy, who is sitting on the judge’s chair in the Bigg Boss court, very ugly. Bigg Boss 6 housemate Azeem has humiliated Judge Quincy after Judge Ram. The Bigg Boss 6 house has been turned into a court this week. But there has been criticism that all the cases that come to the court are very petty. In this case, they have released a promo video where it has been brought to the court saying that not washing the plate and tea cup is a case.

Every day someone is made a judge. In this case, Quincy is being made to sit in the judge’s chair today. Quincy spoke up yesterday and got angry. The audience quipped that Vasi is getting all angry at City. After this, Bigg Boss has made Quincy the judge and asked him to give a good verdict.

Bigg Boss 24th Highlights
Bigg Boss 24th Highlights

Bigg Boss 24th Highlights

Ayesha, standing in the witness box, said, “I asked this week that whoever drank should bring the cup and give it to the dishwasher team.” When lawyer Manikandan asked if no one followed it, Ayesha said yes. Azeem came to the witness box after him. He said this duty is self-duty. I saw Azeem and Quincy. He came without washing his plate after eating. Quincy said he didn’t wash the plate or the spoon he ate from.

Hearing that, Quincy gets angry and says it’s not just about one and a half. Azeem was adamant to advise that this was public opinion and could be acted upon. You’re usually in this house too, Quincy. That’s why I said it. Aseem said I just told everyone. Earlier, Azeem humiliated Ram who was on the judge’s chair. The audience laughed and wondered if Ram had been attacked. Subsequently, the same situation happened to Judge Quincy.

People who have seen the promo video say that Quincy is angry. So, Kamal Haasan is going to blast Azeem this weekend. Azeem is right. Quincy has been deceiving everyone since the beginning. It has been reported that Azeem is talking like this when he appeared in Quincy yesterday.

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