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Beast Movie – The movie gets mixed reviews from Fans!



Vijay’s Beast Movie, directed by Nelson, is currently in theatres. Fans who have been waiting for this are eagerly watching the film. Thus, the theatres are overwhelmed by the crowd of fans. Fans who are currently watching the film are posting their reviews about the film on social media. It has received mixed reviews, both positive and negative. Director Nelson’s previous films have rocked the bar in comedy. In that sense, a few have said that all of the comedy scenes in this film have come out better. But a few fans have said that the comedy scenes are a setback for the film.

Beast Movie
Beast Movie

The art director Kiran has been praised by many for the magnificent scenes in the film. And the mall-related scene we saw in the trailer has captivated everyone. All the sets and other work that has been put in place for this purpose is currently being appreciated. Fans praised that the scenes were all very realistic and realistic. The film also features Vijay’s acting and Anirudh’s music. Some fans said a lot that Vijay should give his full effort in this film but his attempt has failed and the story of the film is not as much as expected. But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening. Some have also commented on why fans are giving negative reviews about the film. So overall the film manages to entertain as well as inform.

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