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Beast Business in Telugu – Thalapathy should pay attention to Promo!



The movie Beast Starring Tamil Thalapathy Vijay as the hero is ready for release. The film is set to release worldwide on a massive scale on April 13th. The members of the film unit are proud to say that the film, which is made in Tamil, will be dubbed and released in several languages. However, outside Tamil Nadu, publicity is seen as a mantra. Some of the past films in which Vijay played the hero came to the forefront of the Telugu audience. Vijay’s films, especially in recent times, have been released once in Tamil as well as Telugu. However, some of them got hundreds of crores in Tamil Nadu. But in Telugu, they had to work hard to get at least 10 crores.

Beast Business in Telugu
Beast Business in Telugu

Beast Business in Telugu

Everyone is of the opinion that a good budget will definitely be created if he pays a little attention to Telugu. But I do not understand whether he is careless or taking the light but it seems that he is not interested in the Telugu states market. The issue of the Beast movie, which he is currently getting ready for as a hero, has sparked interest on social media. Tamil Nadu is confident that Beast will gross Rs 250 crore. At the same time, comments are coming in that the dubbed version in the Telugu states is a great thing if it collects at least 15 crores. Beast has a good craze in Telugu. There are many reasons why the Telugu audience is interested in watching the movie Beast.

Beast Business in Telugu
Beast Business in Telugu

If Vijay and the members of the film unit want to cash in on that interest, Vijay will have to participate in film promotion events in the Telugu states. Unlike Tamil Nadu, some people are of the opinion that it is enough for the Telugu media to come forward and speak in the Telugu states. If you come to Hyderabad and promote the Beast movie, comments are coming that it is on a different level. Feels like Vijay is taking the light. Some people are saying that he is satisfied with the revenue coming from Tamil Nadu. Others are saying that good films are disappointing due to Vijay’s carelessness. The reason for non-receipt of revenue in Telugu promotions, no matter how small the amount, is not taken. Is talk. Vijay should see if the Telugu media will come forward for Beast this time too.

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