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BB Winners – Here are the predictions from the house!



The title winner of Bigg Boss Season 6 has revealed. Bigg Boss programs are being aired on Vijay TV since 2017. Bigg Boss season 6 started last October after 5 seasons have been completed. A total of 21 contestants participated in this event. They are mostly small-screen celebrities. Out of the 21 contestants, Shanti Master, Asal Kolar, Sherina, Maheshwari, Nivashini, Robert Master, Quincy, Ram, Ayesha, Janani, Dhanalaskhmi, Manikanta, Rachita have been eliminated so far.

BB Winners
BB Winners

Vikraman, Shivin, Maina Nandini, Kathiravan, Azeem, ADK, and Amudhavanan are the only 7 in the Bigg Boss house this week which is the week before the finale. Among them, Amudhavanan won the finale ticket and entered the finals. Out of these 7, one contestant will be eliminated this week. One of the remaining 6 will leave with the money box. Only one of the remaining 5 will be the winner.

BB Winners

Bigg Boss will end next week. With only a week to go, the expectation is high as to who will be the winner of Bigg Boss. At the same time, netizens are saying that he is the winner of Bigg Boss on social media. Accordingly, they are saying that Vikraman, who belongs to the LTTE party, has a high chance of winning and Shivin, who is a transgender, can win the Bigg Boss title.

BB Winners
BB Winners

But the fans are saying that small screen actor Azeem is the Bigg Boss title winner. Right from the day he participated in Bigg Boss, Azeem’s style has been to belittle and disrespect his fellow contestants and talk as low as he can. He has been recording his existence by blaspheming without discrimination against men and women. Due to this, the demand to send Azeem out with a red card is getting stronger from the beginning.

However, Azeem, who gets nominated every week, somehow manages to save. In this case, his fans are saying that Azeem is the Bigg Boss title winner. But if Azeem is given the title of Bigg Boss, there is also opposition that it will set a wrong example. If Azeem is given the title of Bigg Boss, the contestants participating in the subsequent seasons will also disrespect their fellow contestants like him. But it is said that Vijay TV has decided to give the title to Azeem. Who will win the Bigg Boss Season 6 title will be known next week.

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