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BB Weekend Show – Here is some Bigg Boss highlights!



The information about the contestant who will leave the Bigg Boss house this week has been revealed. Bigg Boss Season 6 show has reached the finals. The finale will be celebrated on Bigg Boss show next week. In view of this, many celebrities are going inside the Bigg Boss house and giving ideas to the remaining contestants. Similarly, contestants who participated in Bigg Boss Season 6 and were evicted have also entered the Bigg Boss house. Different tasks are given.

BB Weekend Show
BB Weekend Show

As the finale of Bigg Boss is going to be celebrated in a grand manner next week, all the contestants except Amudhavanan are in the nomination process for this week’s eviction. Azeem is rumored to be the title winner this season. In this case, Azeem, Vikraman, Shivin, ADK, Maina, and Kathiravan are in the nomination, so there is an expectation that who will leave the Bigg Boss house this week.

BB Weekend Show

As a result, netizens and fans on social media are sharing their opinion on who is most likely to leave this week. Accordingly, ADK, Maina Nandini, and Kathiravan are saying that one of the three people may be evicted from the Bigg Boss house this week. Maina Nandini and VJ Kathiravan did not show much performance in the Bigg Boss house. Netizens say that they can leave because of this.

BB Weekend Show
BB Weekend Show

Meanwhile, information about unofficial voting has also released. Accordingly, Azeem is at the top of the list by getting more votes among the 6 people who have been included in the nomination list. Next to him is Vikraman. Shivin is in first and third place. They are followed by ADK at the 4th position and Maina Nandini at the 5th position. Sun Music VJ Kathiravan is in sixth and last place.

Maina Nandini and VJ Kathiravan have a narrow margin of votes. But it is said that there is no possibility of any change in the voting as the Bigg Boss voting ended yesterday which is Friday. Thus, it is said that VJ Kathiravan has a high chance of leaving Bigg Boss house this week. At the same time, it is also reported that something unexpected can be done at the last moment.

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