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BB Updates Season 6 – Azeem was roasted by the audience!



Netizens are taking part in Bigg Boss Tamil 6. Netizens are taking part in Azeem’s participation in the Bigg Boss show. Azeem is one of the contestants who participated in Bigg Boss. Being a small screen actor, there are no people who do not fight in the Bigg Boss house. Whatever task is given, he riots and collapses the task. Here are BB Updates Season 6.

If there is a problem with any task, it is because of Azeem. Similarly, there is no one to beat Azeem in bad-mouthing fellow housemates and humiliating them with body language. As a result, he buys it from Kamal every week.

BB Updates Season 6
BB Updates Season 6

Azeem didn’t get too angry with Kamal because he read it last week. But this week he climbed the drumstick tree again. Vikraman, ATK, and Shivin showed their identity to fellow housemates and got damaged. So, fans are expecting that Azeem will buy Kamal properly this week.

Azeem, who is also nominated for this week’s eviction, sat alone in front of the camera on Friday and started crying. Netizens have noticed that Aseem is crying on camera on Fridays every week.

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