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BB Tamil Highlights – This time ADK and Azeem are into action!



In the most recent Bigg Boss Tamil 6 episode, Dhanalaskhmi took issue with Robert’s tendency of loitering about the kitchen area. You shouldn’t come this way without taking a bath, he added as he started it early in the morning. Rachitha’s remaining silence caused Robert to appear apprehensive.

Myna Nandhini, the new captain, began assigning the squads. Ram was named the leader of the dishwashing team, and she forced Rachitha to join Robert on the kitchen team. Vikraman and Azeem disapproved of Nandhini’s proposal to speak with the team captains each evening.

BB Tamil Highlights
BB Tamil Highlights

Kamal Haasan delivered them biryani as a birthday gift, as he had promised. Ayesha, who has tired and lonely, was receiving guidance from Janani. She stated: “Consider me the boss; don’t be depressed. Show your anger if it arises; maintain your composure and adopt a positive outlook; take appropriate action.”

BB Tamil Highlights

When Janani advised Ayesha like a coach, “Look at the others; be enormous like them,” Ayesha’s countenance brightened a little. Last week, Ayesha, who was utterly exhausted, suddenly became enthusiastic and pleaded with the captain to give her some responsibility. She has appointed captain of the cleaning squad right away by Nandhini. Again, Ayesha became animated.

Amudhavanan, a member of the cleaning crew, swept the dining table aggressively while Vikraman slept and declared, “Only those who do not work live blissfully here. If I had been the captain, I would act like Hitler.” Azeem’s loyal friend ADK has frequently stood by him. But when Azeem made fun of him, he became ashamed and furious.

BB Tamil Highlights
BB Tamil Highlights

Azeem joked with Manikandan, “If you have the courage, you’ll put ADK forward. If he had commanded, “Come on, Chan, let’s chat.” It indicates that he will take a picture while doing something.” When ADK mimicked Azeem’s Tamil and declared, “I am also a Tamilian,” Azeem abruptly turned to look at him and inquired, “Are you disparaging Tamil?”

ADK clarified, “Regarding your nonverbal cues, I spoke. A foreigner is still a foreigner even if they are born in Tamil Nadu; a Tamilian is a Tamilian no matter where they are born.” Azeem began using wordplay once more. Even though it’s simply a game, ADK has a right to protest Azeem portraying himself as anti-Tamil because it’s a show that millions of people watch.

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