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BB Tamil 6 highlights – Here are some highlights of 10th November!



In the most recent Bigg Boss 6 show, the house was converted into a 24-hour factory, and the participants continued to work till the wee hours of the morning. They were practically jumping on the merchandise as they passed past the conveyor belt. Here are some BB Tamil 6 highlights.

Dhanalakshmi and Shivin teamed together to steal the candy from the rival team’s shop while people were busy fighting close to the belt. But what they did for entertainment ended up being a catastrophe. Maheshwari, a member of the opposing side, stormed in and started fighting as soon as she noticed this. Compared to Maheshwari, Manikandan was much more fixated on her. Did I ask you to do it?” Amudhavanan questioned.

Manikandan fought valiantly to recover what Dhanalakshmi had this time taken. She exhibited obstinacy and fell because she was unable to keep up with Manikandan’s pace. That’s where the conflict re-emerged. The factory came to a complete stop as a result of Manikandan’s relentless shouting in response to Dhanalakshmi’s frantic screams.

BB Tamil 6 highlights
BB Tamil 6 highlights

BB Tamil 6 highlights

Yelled Dhanalakshmi, “Did you arrive to strike me? I’ll also give it back.”

“Age was something you disregarded. It’s usual to crash hard during a game, “Added Manikandan.

“Don’t make the same error,” Azeem said. Manikandan didn’t stop yelling till Vikraman intervened.

After the production, Manikandan visited Dhanalakshmi to ask questions. But when Mani requested a handshake, Dhanalakshmi very reluctantly consented to this peace. The quality assurance team was made up of Azeem and Janani. The “Adai Thaen Adai” team made 315 sweets, while the “Kanna Laddu” squad produced 221 of them. The struggle of Manikandan would have been a significant factor in the production of “Adai Thaen Adai.”

When Manikandan replied, “Both of you have gone out of control,” Robert was making a valid point. You merely mentioned Kamal’s age to him, sir. It was time for you to give up. However, when Manikandan approached her and shook her hand, Dhanalaskhmi was adamant about the incident. I don’t like shaking hands only for the camera, she remarked.

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