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BB Past Memories – Here are highlights from the House!



Those who watched today’s first promo video of Bigg Boss 6 are teasing. Viewers refuse to accept Bigg Boss’s comment about Amudhavanan. Amudhavanan has shown in the first promo video of Bigg Boss 6. A promo video has released with Big Boss saying that the days you lived in this house, the Tasks you did, and other memorabilia are kept. After that, Amudhavanan said that the house is broken because of this doll and the housemates were laughing saying yes, yes.

BB Past Memories
BB Past Memories

BB Past Memories

As for you, you probably thought you were a comedian. But for me too, my Amuda is a complete artist,” said Bigg Boss. Amudhavanan felt grateful after hearing that. In the background, the music for Dhanush’s film Mariyan is Nenje Ezghu song composed and sung by Rahman played. They also finished the promo video. People who have seen the promo video have said that the song Nenje Ezghu is too over the top for Amudhavanan. God, Dhanush, and A.R. Rahman too should never watch this promo video. They have teased that they will fall apart if they see it.

Bigg Boss viewers have also said that there is a doubt that perhaps Amudhavanan has taken the money box. Would Bigg Boss have praised him so that he would be happy when he left? It is a big thing that Amudhavanan has been around for so long. Bigg Boss is the one who saved him.

BB Past Memories
BB Past Memories

Shivin’s supporters have said that Shivin has been working hard since the first day of his participation in the show. He should be given the title. Will Bigg Boss honor a transgender? She did not ask to be given the title because she was transgender. They say they are asking because he has done the task with difficulty.

Thirumavalavan MP asked to vote for Vikraman who says that virtue will win. The statement has angered many. Vanitha Vijayakumar, a former contestant, also said on social media that what Thirumavalavan did was wrong. Those who have seen it have said that we are also saying what Vanitha is saying.

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