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BB Highlights – Sweets Task brings a huge content in the house!



In the most recent Bigg Boss 6 show, the house was split into the “Ada Thaen Ada” and “Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya” sides. The requirements for this work are that the candy shop must be open continuously and that all orders must be filled. In addition, it has been stated that the cash and goods in the cash box need to be securely maintained. Here are BB highlights.

All of the competitors had to congregate for the “Sweet Stall” job, which required them to climb on top of one another to turn the area into a rampart. While doing this, Dhanalakshmi and Vikraman got into a brawl. They were having a disagreement with one another.

Don’t tell me to do this or that; do what you say first, then tell us, Dhanalakshmi commanded.

BB Highlights
BB Highlights

I don’t understand; you’ll say that you’ll rip other people’s dresses, and I shouldn’t have told you anything, Vikraman said.

Vikraman responded, “If it comes to a game, you should dress correctly for it,” in response to the woman’s claim that “someone else snatched my dress.”

Manikandan, meantime, shoved Dhanalakshmi and seized a package from her grasp. The Bigg Boss house was filled with noise after that. Dhanalaskhmi and Manikandan got into an altercation. They were calmed down by other contestants. In a fit of rage, Dhanalaskhmi severely reprimanded Mani. Mani yelled, “Do you know my age?”. Azeem broke up the conflict.

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