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BB Highlights season 6 – Manikandan felt difficult to judge!



Manikandan is the judge today as Bigg Boss 6 has turned the house into a court. He is in a position to judge a very difficult case. Manikandan has taken over as a judge and a very difficult case has come in search of him.

The Bigg Boss house has been turned into a court this week. So far, they are arguing about the problems that have happened in the Bigg Boss house. A judge comes every day as the cases change. First ADK, next Ram, today Manikandan. When he became a judge, there was a very difficult case. How are you going to judge?

BB Highlights season 6

BB Highlights season 6

Azeem has appeared as a lawyer on behalf of Janani. Quincy appeared on behalf of Vikraman. Azeem said that Vikraman pointed out to Janani that there was a problem with your Tamil. Hearing that, Janani was sitting with her face as if she was in terrible pain. After hearing what Azeem said, Vikraman and his lawyer Quincy objected. Vikraman said I said language. Quincy also said that he had asked if you had difficulty with your language. Vikraman then came to the witness box.

Standing in the cage, Vikraman said, I have no problem with their Tamil. He said that it is a stumbling block for me to speak in that language. After that, Janani, who came to the witness box, said that he was saddened that they said that it was in Tamil. Hearing that, Quincy, you can’t say your Tamil. Because we are talking about the task there. Azeem then said sarcastically I think they fell asleep while speaking Tamil.

BB Highlights season 6
BB Highlights season 6

Attorney Quincy told the judge that no matter how many times he yelled, it was a task. The audience who saw it is teasing that Siti is angry. Yesterday this Azeem insulted Ram who was also a judge. He has made Quincy ugly today. Kamal Haasan should be asked to condemn this. Was it such a difficult case when Manikandan became a judge? There are so many problems, the audience is moved to argue with this sub-matter.

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