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BB 6 Updates – A commotion at home because of Maheshwari!



Bigg Boss season 6 is currently airing in Tamil. In this, if an episode starts as a task, there will surely be many exciting incidents in succession. In that way, the matter related to the decision taken by Aseem in the factory task has created a lot of excitement. Factory task is currently going on in the Bigg Boss house. In this task, the contestants are divided into two groups, and rounds are conducted.

BB 6 Updates
BB 6 Updates

BB 6 Updates

In this, Maheshwari, Aseem, Vikraman, and others have been placed on the same team. Subsequently, various exciting events are taking place in the name of this task. Meanwhile, Aseem’s statement has become the talk of the town among Bigg Boss viewers. While all the contestants are expressing their views, Maheshwari, speaking to Aseem, asks, “What do you say should happen in this house? You speak as if everything you say should happen.”

Aseem gets angry after hearing Maheshwari’s speech. “When I say I’m part of this team, you talk like everyone else is doing what I’m saying,” fumes Aseem. On the other hand, Vikraman tries to tell Aseem that Maheshwari is only expressing what he thinks like that, Aseem speaks to Vikraman a little angrily saying, “You are speaking on behalf of mother too, you are still speaking on behalf of Maheshwari.

BB 6 Updates
BB 6 Updates

Similarly, Asin also mentioned to Maheswari that you are attacking me for personal reasons. In the end, Vikraman tried to convince Aseem to no avail. Vikraman asks Aseem to explain that he is quitting the team and he should take another competitor and he needs to give a proper reason for resignation. The chaos in the same team caused by Aseem’s passing after claiming that he has no freedom is currently creating a ruckus in the Bigg Boss house.

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