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BB 6 Updates – Emotional Janani cries made housemates sad!



Actor Kamal Haasan has been hosting the Bigg Boss show on Star Vijay TV for the last 5 seasons. Following this, Bigg Boss asks to select one person from the Bigg Boss house who did not perform well. Then Vikraman says that he wants to mention Janani. For that, Janani is asking for an explanation. Meanwhile, Amudavanan gets up and comes to talk to Vikraman, Janani realizes that if these two talk, it will lead to an argument, “No, definitely don’t argue… don’t fight… don’t fight” and gets emotional and starts crying and crying. Everyone adores him as Ayesha and Maheshwari.

The Bigg Boss house is full of tasks where each contestant has to prove their physical strength and brain power. Everyone in it has different opinions and views and there is a chance that they will clash at many points. Also, it can be a cause for concern when one person misunderstands what another person has done during tasks, and some people deliberately talk and act aggressively toward others.

BB 6 Updates
BB 6 Updates

BB 6 Updates

Earlier there was a long argument between Amudavanan and Vikraman. In this, Amudavanan mentioned a saying made by Vikraman, and since Vikraman did not admit it, Vikraman was talking about it to accuse him of lying. Then Amudavanan said I can talk as much as you and I can make a short film whatever.

Similarly, an argument ensued between Vikraman and Aseem. Aseem said to Vikraman, “Don’t make a panchayat for Janani and me!” “I didn’t make the panchayat,” Vikraman was furious. In response, Aseem also said, “I am not one to fight with my words.” Janani, who has seen all this from a close distance, started crying before the fight, saying that there should not be a fight, which created a lot of attention among the Bigg Boss housemates and Bigg Boss fans.

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