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BB 6 Tamil Highlights – Robert and Rachita had some misunderstanding!



Both Robert Master and Rachita have sent to the Bigg Boss jail for not playing the palace task well this week. Bigg Boss Season 6 GP Muthu, Asal Kolar, Shivin Ganesan, Aseem, Robert Master, Ayesha, Sherina, Manikandan, Rajesh, Rachita, Ram Ramasamy, ATK, Janani, Shanthi, Vikraman, Amudavanan, Maheshwari, VJ Kathiravan, Quincy, Nivashani, Maina Nandini and Contenders Dhanalakshmi participated. Here are some BB 6 Tamil Highlights.

After two weeks of this season, GP Muthu received an overwhelming response from the fans. Also, he left the Bigg Boss house on his own, saying that his family was worried about him. Metti Oli serial actresses Shanti, Asal Kolar, and Serena have been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. VJ Maheshwari has evicted last week.

BB 6 Tamil Highlights
BB 6 Tamil Highlights

The Bigg Boss house has turned into a royal museum this week. Robert Master is the king and Rachita is the queen. Robert Master was already wooing Rachita. In this case, in the Royal Museum task held at the Bigg Boss house this week. Robert became a king and Rachita became a queen.

Robert barked and cried that Rachita had cheated him on this task. After seeing this viral video on the internet, the netizens were making fun of Robert Master. In this case, both Robert Master and Rachitha have chosen by their fellow contestants for not playing the palace task properly this week.

After this, the video of both of them being sent to jail as a couple is going viral on the internet. Robert Master, who was already troubled, has now broken down and gone to prison. It is noteworthy that while Robert Master is upset over Rachita, both of them have been sent to jail together.

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