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BB 6 Tamil highlights – Here is the 3rd Promo of Bigg Boss!



Bigg Boss Tamil 6: The third promo of today’s episode of Bigg Boss is out. A promo has been released saying that Azeem Team Meds cannot follow all the task rules. Tribal people and aliens have been given a task for this week’s weekly task in the Bigg Boss house. The housemates are divided into two groups, aliens and indigenous people. The aliens are trying to invade the tribal people’s pool of miraculous stones. The tribal people must protect their pool of miraculous stones from them.

BB 6 Tamil highlights
BB 6 Tamil highlights

So far two promos have been released regarding this task. In the first promo, Shivin burst into tears saying that Dhanalakshmi had spoken ill of his mother. But Dhanalakshmi said with a smile that it was a task. In the second promo that was released after this, it was revealed that Azeem and Janani were fighting. Janani was criticized by netizens on social media for fighting for no reason.

BB 6 Tamil highlights

Meanwhile, the third promo for today’s episode has been released. Azeem says I am going to go to the aliens this time, I can’t follow everything in the task book. And he keeps saying that I will not listen to anyone here and not just what you say.

BB 6 Tamil highlights
BB 6 Tamil highlights

Because of this, Myna was furious, and we didn’t even play. He asks how can we play if you are going. But Azeem doesn’t listen to all that and leaves saying that he is going to play with him. Vikraman is enraged by this, everyone will decide here together. He says that a decision cannot be taken for an individual here. And he will defy what everyone says, stop him, if possible, if he defies the game then there is no game. Vikraman categorically says that it is foul. But Azeem doesn’t seem to understand all that. All the housemates are upset due to this.

Azeem has become a regular problem in any task. Azeem, who showed his work as doll task and Raja Rani task, did not put up much of a fight in the courtroom task held last week. But he says that he cannot follow all the rules in this week’s task. Seeing this, the netizens are saying that if you can’t follow the rules, get out of the Bigg Boss house.

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